Binance — крупнейшая в мире криптовалютная биржа. Покупайте и продавайте Биткоин и более 350 монет через биржу с низкими комиссиями. Кроме того, покупайте анонимно у других через одноранговую торговую площадку. Спекулируйте на ценах криптовалют с помощью фьючерсов и опционов. Или получайте проценты через криптосберегающие счета и "пулы ликвидности".

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  • Более 350 монет.
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  • Доступ к криптовалютным сберегательным счетам.
  • Торговля криптовалютными фьючерсами и опционами.
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  • Поддержка клиентов оставляет желать лучшего.
  • У Binance нет штаб-квартиры.
  • Клиенты из США не могут получить доступ к Binance.com, а Binance.US имеет ограниченное предложение.
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  • Фиатные валюты: RUB и 45 Другие
  • Способы оплаты: банковский перевод, Дебетовая или кредитная карта

Instant Buy Fees


Buy or sell over 300 cryptocurrencies with a credit card or a debit card. Binance accepts both Visa and Mastercard, in some but not all countries.

This is the easiest way to buy crypto, but isn't the cheapest. You'll pay fees to Binance and to all other third parties involved in the transaction. This includes your card company (Visa or Mastercard) and bank.

Unfortunately, Binance isn't entirely transparent about the fees you will be charged. However, we understand that its fees can add up to 3.5% per transaction or 10 USD, whichever is higher. Other fees may apply.

We've listed these fees below to help you make an informed decision.

Instant Buy Fees
Exchange feeUp to 3.5% or USD 10, whichever is higher.

Trading Fees


Binance offers low trading fees and a reliable trading environment.

Binance trading fees follow a tiered structure, whether you are trading cryptocurrency or futures. The more you trade, the lower your fees. For simplicity, the fees shown on this page are entry-level fees. You can lower these fees further by buying and holding Binance's token, called BNB.

Like most exchanges, Binance operates a maker/taker fee schedule. Taker fees apply when your order takes liquidity away from the market, as is the case with market orders. Maker fees apply when your order adds liquidity, as is the case with limit orders. Most exchanges set maker fees lower to increase liquidity on their platform.

Spot Trading Fees
Maker fees 0.10%
Taker fees 0.10%
Futures Trading Fees
Maker fees 0.02% (USDS-M) - 0.01% (COIN-M)
Taker fees 0.04% (USDS-M) - 0.05% (COIN-M)

P2P Fees


Buy cryptocurrency entirely free of charge through Binance P2P, as only sellers pay a commission.

Binance P2P is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency. Create an account to search and filter sellers by fiat currency, cryptocurrency and payment method. As a buyer, the price you pay is the price you see.

Binance P2P charges sellers a commission on completed orders, which varies between 0% and 0.35%, depending on the fiat currency and cryptocurrency pair. At present, Binance P2P charges a 0.35% seller commission on all USD purchases, and a 0% seller commission on all GBP and EUR purchases.

P2P Fees
Buyer fees0%
Seller feesBetween 0% and 0.35%, depending on the fiat and cryptocurrency pair.

Crypto Loans


Borrow crypto for spot or futures trading, or even staking.

Binance Loan supports a wide range of crypto-currencies, including BTC, ETH and USDT. For example, you could borrow USDT against your BTC, or vice versa. Loan terms are of 7, 14, 30, 90 and 180 days. However, you can always repay in advance and interest is only calculated based on the hours borrowed.

The following table shows the daily interest rate on Binance Loans. As Binance offers lower borrowing rates, the larger your trading volume, the borrow rates shown here are entry-level ones, for simplicity.

Borrowing rates (daily)
Margin Call LTV75%
Liquidation LTV83%
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