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Paul Tudor Jones says crypto is his preferred inflation hedge over gold right now

Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones told CNBC "Clearly, there's a place for crypto. Clearly, it's winning the race against gold at the moment.". "I've got crypto single digits in my portfolio," Jones said, referring to the percentage of his holdings in cryptocurrencies.

Australia should change laws to accommodate crypto, Senate report says

Australia needs to introduce new regulations for digital asset miners, such as tax discounts and a licensing regime for crypto exchanges, to be "competitive with Singapore, the UK and the U.S.", a Senate report said.

2 days ago, on 21/10/2021
Cardano, Polkadot and Four Additional Altcoins Set To Explode in 2022

Crypto trader and Altcoin Daily host Austin Arnold thinks six major altcoins are gearing up for massive rallies in the next year.

2 days ago, on 21/10/2021
Crypto Miners Struggle to Cut Carbon Emissions

Bitcoin mining has earned a bad reputation for guzzling cheap electricity in the pursuit of profit. Now bitcoin miners are trying to go green, to a point.

2 days ago, on 21/10/2021
DraftKings Marketplace Chooses Polygon for Mainstream NFT Adoption

DraftKings Marketplace and Polygon have joined forces to promote the global adoption of non-fungible tokens.

3 days ago, on 20/10/2021
Options Traders Bet Big Ether’s Turn for an ETF Is Coming Soon

Crypto options market indicates some traders have become more bullish on ether’s price next year.

3 days ago, on 20/10/2021
Ethereum price must crack this key level before exploding toward $6,400

Ethereum price has presented a massive bullish target on the daily chart, suggesting that ETH is preparing for a rally toward $6,400.

3 days ago, on 20/10/2021
Bitcoin Futures ETF Debuts as Second-Highest Traded Fund Ever

More than 24 million shares changed hands on first day. Bitcoin climbs within striking distance of April’s record high.

4 days ago, on 19/10/2021
Facebook’s Novi digital wallet finally launches... without Diem cryptocurrency

Facebook has launched a pilot of its Novi digital wallet in the US and Guatemala for sending and receiving money using the Paxos stablecoin, in partnership with Coinbase.

4 days ago, on 19/10/2021
India has world's largest number of crypto owners, most under 35

Indians are racing ahead of the world in adopting cryptocurrency, fuelled by curiosity and a desire to get rich fast especially among millennials.

4 days ago, on 19/10/2021
Revolut Launches Commission-Free Crypto Trading for US Investors

Revolut is allowing U.S. customers to trade as much as $200,000 of crypto a month commission free starting today.

4 days ago, on 19/10/2021
Bitcoin ETF: First US Bitcoin futures ETF may debut on Monday, filing Says

The filing indicated Oct. 18 as the approximate date for the proposed launch of the fund, which will trade on the NYSE Arca Exchange and charge a management fee of 0.95 per cent.

7 days ago, on 16/10/2021
Tether will pay $41 million over 'misleading' claims it was fully backed by US dollars

Tether will pay $41 million to settle allegations by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission that the company made untrue or misleading statements when it claimed its stablecoins were fully backed by fiat currencies.

8 days ago, on 15/10/2021
Crypto landmark: SEC poised to greenlight Bitcoin futures ETFs

US regulators are set to allow the first US Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund to start trading, sources tell Bloomberg News, in a landmark moment for the crypto industry.

8 days ago, on 15/10/2021
Russia’s Putin says crypto has 'value' - but maybe not for trading oil

Russia has hinted it could move away from dollar-denominated oil if the U.S. continues to impose targeted sanctions. Asked whether crypto could be used as an alternative to the greenback, President Vladimir Putin said it was "too early to say."

9 days ago, on 14/10/2021
Mark Cuban says ethereum has the 'most upside' as a crypto investment

When asked what cryptocurrency he’d suggest for beginners or new investors in the space, Cuban explained how he views many of the most popular digital coins. "As an investment, I think ethereum has the most upside," Cuban tells CNBC Make It. And bitcoin is "better gold than gold."

10 days ago, on 13/10/2021
Switzerland takes on challenge of gentrifying crypto

Cryptocurrencies are being scrubbed up and made fit for consumption in Switzerland with sweeping legal reforms and regulatory oversight.

11 days ago, on 12/10/2021
Google Play integrates Bitcoin payments as BTC marches to new all-time high

Leading digital asset company Bakkt has announced a partnership with Google. The technology giant plans to expand payments on Google Pay to meet the ever-evolving needs of users.

11 days ago, on 12/10/2021
Here's how Shiba Inu can dethrone Cardano and rank third-largest crypto by market cap

Shiba Inu continues its upward climb, and experts predict that the memecoin is gearing for a spot in the top three cryptocurrencies by market cap.

12 days ago, on 11/10/2021
Next coin to explode is Ethereum, here's why - Frank Holmes

Ethereum is going to be the next cryptocurrency to explode to the upside, Frank Holmes, CEO, and CIO of U.S. Global Investors predicts. Ethereum, the second most-valuable cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin, is already up 830 percent for the past year.

12 days ago, on 11/10/2021
'Floodgates about to break': Aussie super funds could tip billions into crypto

One of Australia's leading crypto fund managers has predicted a flood of investment into the sector from super funds (retirement funds) and financial advisers, but only if more work is done to educate investors and better regulate the nascent asset class.

12 days ago, on 11/10/2021
This startup is offering cryptos backed by gold, silver to Indians

The digital gold space in India is largely unregulated with a variety of apps offering this product including Kuvera and Paytm Money. Investors can also invest in formal financial instruments linked to gold such as gold ETFs, sovereign gold bonds.

12 days ago, on 11/10/2021
A major crypto hedge-fund manager expects bitcoin to tumble once the SEC greenlights a bitcoin-backed ETF—Here’s why

Bitcoin rally’s this week looks driven by institutions. Analyst say it could lead to another all-time high for the cryptocurrency.

13 days ago, on 10/10/2021
Mike Novogratz: ‘Bitcoin to Take More of Gold’s Market Cap’

The Galaxy Digital chief believes it’s only a matter of time before bitcoin catches up with the precious metal.

16 days ago, on 07/10/2021
Why (And When) Mike Novogratz Expects A 'Parabolic' Move In Bitcoin And Ethereum

Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd (Pink: BRPHF) CEO Mike Novogratz thinks the recent surge in Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and Ethereum (CRYPTO: BTC) is being driven by new participants getting involved with crypto and increasing enthusiasm for the space. The total market cap of crypto as a percentage of global wealth is about 0.5%, he said Thursday on CNBC's "Squawk Box," adding he expects that number to "go much higher than 0.5% over the next few years."

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