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Tether Fails to Calm Jittery Nerves as Short Sellers Circle

Tether's share of supply at Curve's 3pool platform is 65%. Tether CTO says its "portfolio has never been stronger".

93 days ago, on 03/07/2022
Bitcoin balance on exchanges at 3-year low spelling bullish sentiments for BTC

While most cryptocurrencies still struggle, some hope may be on the horizon, at least for the flagship digital asset.

98 days ago, on 28/06/2022
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler calls Bitcoin a commodity

Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the SEC, said that Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency he was prepared to publicly label a commodity.

99 days ago, on 27/06/2022
Tether to Issue Sterling-Pegged Stablecoin, GBPT

The token will be pegged 1:1 to the British pound and will launch in July.

104 days ago, on 22/06/2022
Bitcoin Miner Bitfarms Sells Coins After Ending 'Hodling'

The miners are some of the biggest whales, holding around 800,000 Bitcoin, according to data from Coin Metrics, of which public miners own 46,000.

105 days ago, on 21/06/2022
Solana NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Raises $130M at $1.6B Valuation

The large raise comes during an otherwise downcast crypto climate.

105 days ago, on 21/06/2022
The Central African Republic Bets On Bitcoin

A group of Bitcoiners traveled to the Central African Republic to meet with the country's president and discuss pathways for bitcoin adoption.

107 days ago, on 19/06/2022
DOGE shoots up as Elon Musk affirms he's accumulating Dogecoin

DOGE has put aside the ongoing market correction to trade in the green zone after Tesla CEO Elon Musk affirmed his support for the token.

110 days ago, on 16/06/2022
Bitcoin Veterans Know to Keep Their Eyes on $19,511 Level

Bitcoin veterans know to be on the lookout for a noteworthy number: $19,511.

110 days ago, on 16/06/2022
Mike Novogratz: Ether Price to Hold at $1000

Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz has stated that the price of ether and other cryptocurrencies is nearer to the bottom than US equities.

112 days ago, on 14/06/2022
Mike Novogratz Predicts Next Crypto Cycle Begins in October

The outspoken CEO of Galaxy Digital and former "Lunatic" predicts that the Fed needs to flinch before crypto can recover.

116 days ago, on 10/06/2022
EU Aims to Clinch Deal on Landmark Crypto Law This Month

France and the EU Parliament are optimistic about an agreement. Negotiators are still split on a few areas, including NFTs.

116 days ago, on 10/06/2022
Solana Ventures Raises Fund to Help Battered Korean Crypto Scene

The $100 million fund is dedicated to gaming and DeFi projects.

118 days ago, on 08/06/2022
Soros Fund's CEO: Recession Is Inevitable and Crypto Is Here to Stay

Soros Fund Management's chief executive and chief investment officer says cryptocurrency is here to stay and it's already gone mainstream.

124 days ago, on 02/06/2022
Billionaire Crypto Investor Predicts More Volatility in Coming Months

A leading crypto advocate and billionaire expects the digital asset class will be "choppy and difficult" during the next few quarters.

124 days ago, on 02/06/2022
Brad Garlinghouse says NFTs "underhyped", sees new use cases

The Ripple CEO reflected on crypto's presence at the World Economic Forum and the emerging use cases for digital assets.

127 days ago, on 30/05/2022
Billionaire Mike Novogratz Says Bitcoin Will Lead Next Rally

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz has some advice for crypto investors. In a recent tweet, he said that Bitcoin BTC/USD will lead the next cryptocurrency rally.

129 days ago, on 28/05/2022
Ether and Altcoins Lead Crypto Rout as Terra DeFi Fallout Deepens

Solana, Avalanche and Polkadot prices tumble as much as 20%. Bitcoin drops less as largest cryptocurrency serves as a haven.

131 days ago, on 26/05/2022
Mike Novogratz: The Correlation Between Bitcoin and Stocks Will Soon Vanish

Mike Novogratz, a bitcoin bull, says that the currency will eventually lose its correlation with the stock market as it becomes mature.

131 days ago, on 26/05/2022
Bitcoin Evangelists Remain Enthusiastic Despite Crypto Rout

The cryptocurrency market has lost over $1.6 trillion since November, but that hasn't tempered the passion of the bitcoin evangelists.

134 days ago, on 23/05/2022
NFTs Are Put to New Use in China, Countering Censorship During Pandemic

Internet users are turning to blockchain technology to prevent content including images, videos and social-media posts from disappearing

136 days ago, on 21/05/2022
Ethereum ‘merge’ will happen in August, says Ethereum co-founder

After years of delays, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin confirms that the “merge” will finally happen this summer. The merge is a highly anticipated upgrade to Ethereum that, if all goes smoothly, will shift the major blockchain from a proof-of-work mechanism to proof-of-stake.

137 days ago, on 20/05/2022
FTX US Launches FTX Stocks Offering Trading on US Listed Equities & ETFs

FTX Stocks offers trading and investing in hundreds of US exchange-listed securities, including common stocks and ETFs, in an integrated experience within the existing FTX US cryptocurrency trading application. The launch will commence in a private beta phase for select US customers chosen from a waitlist.

138 days ago, on 19/05/2022
Binance’s Luna investment was worth $1.6 billion. Now it’s less than $3,000

In 2018, Binance put $3 million into Luna and received 15 million tokens in return. At Luna’s price peak in April, those tokens were worth $1.6 billion, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said in a Monday tweet. At Luna’s price now, the tokens are worth about $2,391.

141 days ago, on 16/05/2022
FTX's billionaire chief says bitcoin has no future as a payments network

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX's founder has said that bitcoin has no future as a payments network and criticized the digital currency for its inefficiency and high environmental costs, the Financial Times reported on Monday.

141 days ago, on 16/05/2022
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