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Why Indian teenagers are keen on investing in cryptocurrency

India's cryptocurrency craze is minting a new class of investor: the enterprising teen. Their pocket money is helping fuel India's surge in crypto investments, which stood at nearly $6.6 billion (Rs49,189 crore) in May from just $923 million a year earlier.

31 days ago, on 22/09/2021
Bitcoin in 'good shape' as long as BTC price stays above $40K - Mike Novogratz

The veteran Bitcoin bull says he's not "nervous" about crypto on the back of the institutional investor demand he has witnessed.

32 days ago, on 21/09/2021
Bitcoin Arrives at Last Defense as Chart Support Tested

Bitcoin is falling for a third day after a global selloff in riskier assets and has dropped to as low as $40,237, a level not seen since early August.

32 days ago, on 21/09/2021
Evergrande and China’s Looming Risk to Tether

Tether says it doesn’t hold short-term debt from the struggling developer. But that doesn’t mean tether holders aren’t at risk.

36 days ago, on 17/09/2021
You Can Earn up to 7.5% Interest on Bitcoin. Is it Worth the Risk?

Investors who plan to hold their crypto assets for years, otherwise known as HODLers in crypto parlance, typically store their cryptocurrencies stashed in a hardware wallet or keep it idle on a crypto exchange. But this practice is changing. Today, HODLers are turning to cryptocurrency savings accounts as they pay high interest in crypto deposits.

38 days ago, on 15/09/2021
How the Decentralized Web Will Create Limitless Opportunities for Personalization and Composability

What kind of internet do we want? The internet as we know it allows for users to send and receive information from websites and web-based services, but these sites and services remain for the most part largely separate from each other - siloed.

39 days ago, on 14/09/2021
Crypto Investing Strategy: Gold, Stablecoins in an Age of Stagflation

Thomas Coughlin discusses how effectively crypto investors can hedge against inflation with gold-backed stablecoins.

42 days ago, on 11/09/2021
Edward Snowden: Global Bitcoin Game Theory To Begin Playing Out

The whistleblower has highlighted how El Salvador's "pawn to e4" move will pressure other nations to adopt bitcoin.

45 days ago, on 08/09/2021
Crypto Banking and Decentralized Finance, Explained

The revolution in digital money is now moving into banking, as cryptocurrency starts to reshape the way people borrow and save.

48 days ago, on 05/09/2021
Nigeria's securities regulator establishes fintech unit to study crypto

With much of the Nigerian crypto market underground or peer-to-peer due to government restrictions, the country’s securities regulator is looking into ways to make investors safer.

50 days ago, on 03/09/2021
Crypto as commodity: What does it mean for you and the industry?

This would be the first time that the cryptocurrencies will be categorised as per the technology used by them, but the government's focus would be based on the end use of the asset class for regulatory purposes.

50 days ago, on 03/09/2021
Cryptocurrencies - Legal and Tax Considerations in India

Bijal Ajinkya, Raghav Kumar Bajaj and Milind Hasrajani of Khaitan & Co discuss some of the key technological concepts relating to cryptocurrencies, and consider the evolving legal landscape and the income tax-related implications for their future in India.

50 days ago, on 03/09/2021
Bitcoin Price Breaks 50,000, Bitcoiners Brace For New All Time Highs

Early this morning the Bitcoin price broke $50,000 again, as it did on August 23rd, which was then the highest price seen since Bitcoin's correction in May. After the dip, the Bitcoin price hovered between 30-40k for most of the summer.

51 days ago, on 02/09/2021
Stablecoins are assets - not currencies, says ECB president

In a Sept. 1 interview with World Economic Forum founder and executive chair Klaus Schwab, Lagarde said cryptocurrencies "present themselves as currencies," but she still considered them as assets to be regulated and "supervised by asset regulators."

51 days ago, on 02/09/2021
'Ethereum Killer' Solana hits another all time high - net worth surges to $30 billion

Solana, also called the 'Ethereum Killer' hit an all time high of $124. Solana’s price has quadrupled over the last one month.

52 days ago, on 01/09/2021
Average Indian crypto investor is 24

The Gen Zs are investing in cryptocurrencies as their first investment in an asset class, says Ashish Singhal, co-founder and CEO, CoinSwitch Kuber, a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

57 days ago, on 27/08/2021
Cuba Looking to Recognize Cryptocurrencies as Legal Tender

This policy shift is a direct response to the growing demand for digital currencies in the region.

57 days ago, on 27/08/2021
Bitcoin's value is rallying again. But that's not what matters to most crypto traders | Euronews

Bitcoin's value is rallying again. But that's not what matters to most crypto traders

58 days ago, on 26/08/2021
What’s driving demand for cryptocurrencies in India

At least 1.5 crore Indians hold cryptocurrency assets worth billions even as uncertainty prevails over the future of the digital coin ecosystem in the country. In this article, we decode the factors driving rapid cryptocurrency adoption in the country.

59 days ago, on 25/08/2021
Mike Novogratz Says Bitcoin and S&P 500 Likely to 'Drive On'

Crypto and stocks have been winners this year.

59 days ago, on 25/08/2021
Remittance costs key to take-up of Salvadoran bitcoin plan-development bank

Central American countries are eagerly waiting to see if El Salvador's adoption of bitcoin as parallel legal tender cuts the cost of remittances, an important source of income for millions of people, the region's development bank said.

59 days ago, on 25/08/2021
Paxos renames its stablecoin from PAX to USDP

Paxos, the company behind the Paxos Standard stablecoin (PAX), has announced that it is changing the name of its crypto asset. Paxos Standard is now Pax Dollar, and you’ll soon be able to identify it on your favorite cryptocurrency exchange, wallet or explorer under the USDP ticker. Other than the name, USDP remains fundamentally identical.

60 days ago, on 24/08/2021
SEC Likely to Approve Bitcoin ETFs by November

Leading Bloomberg analysts believe that the SEC is likely to approve the Bitcoin futures ETF filings, and they may be launched by the end of October.

60 days ago, on 24/08/2021
Citigroup is said to be preparing to trade CME bitcoin futures

Citigroup (NYSE:C) is said to be awaiting regulatory approval to start trading CME bitcoin (BTC-USD) futures.

60 days ago, on 24/08/2021
Top American mortgage lender reveals plans to accept Bitcoin

United Wholesale Mortgage - the second largest mortgage lender in the USA - is aiming to become the first to adopt cryptocurrency mortgage payments.

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