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Waiting for Cabinet approval, says FM Nirmala Sitharaman on bill on cryptocurrency

Underlining that both the government and the RBI are "committed to financial stability", RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das had said there are no differences between the central bank and the Finance Ministry on the matter, and "we should now await the final decision on the matter" from the Centre.

67 days ago, on 17/08/2021
Founders' Fork: The Ethereum Architects Now Locked in Battle

Seven years ago, eight brainiacs with diverse talents and lofty ambitions broke bread in Zug, Switzerland, and hashed out the future of what would become the world’s busiest blockchain.

67 days ago, on 17/08/2021
One third of Indians hold cryptocurrencies and youngsters are leading the charge

30% of surveyed users in India said they own cryptocurrencies. The top five nations - including India - in terms of crypto adoption, are now in Asia

68 days ago, on 16/08/2021
Cardano is a Mystery: Mike Novogratz Slams Cardano

Ex-hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz slammed Cardano very publicly and Charles Hoskinson is just not having it.

68 days ago, on 16/08/2021
Crypto's Tether Sheds Light, but Not Enough, on Its $63 Billion Reserves

The stablecoin has secured itself a critical place in the crypto ecosystem, but its holdings fall short compared with those of prime money-market funds.

70 days ago, on 14/08/2021
- Crypto Briefing

Argentina's president has commented on cryptocurrencies in a recent interview, acknowledging their potential to curb inflation.

71 days ago, on 13/08/2021
Ether’s Dominance Is Growing, And So Is The Number Of Its ETF Applications

Ether's market dominance is growing, with investors seeking more ways to gain exposure to the second-largest cryptocurrency.

71 days ago, on 13/08/2021
Why the Stablecoin Issuers Will Inherit the Earth

The crypto world on Tuesday saw what might have been the largest hack and loss of funds of all time. As my colleague Olga Kharif reported, $600 million was stolen from a cross-chain protocol called PolyNetwork.

73 days ago, on 11/08/2021
Coinbase removes 'backed by US dollars' claim for USDC stablecoin

The Coinbase website now states that USD Coin is "backed by fully reserved assets," contrary to the now-removed claim of "backed by U.S. dollars in a bank account."

73 days ago, on 11/08/2021
Indians can buy pizza and ice cream with Bitcoin now

India’s oldest crypto wallet will allow users to exchange Bitcoin for pizza and ice cream vouchers. Unocoin started in 2013 and has pivoted from the crypto wallet to crypto exchange model.

74 days ago, on 10/08/2021
Ethereum 2.0: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

Ethereum 2.0 comprises a trio of upgrades that will bolster scalability, security and sustainability.

76 days ago, on 08/08/2021
Cryptocurrency future in India: Why crypto community is bullish even as the Govt delays regulation

Cryptocurrency future in India: The Union Government shelved the much hyped Cryptocurrency Regulation Bill for discussion during the Monsoon Session of Parliament.

77 days ago, on 07/08/2021
New bill in Ukraine to allow payments in cryptocurrency, says official

The deputy minister of Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation believes that crypto payments will be allowed in Ukraine similarly to payments deriving from the U.S. dollar.

78 days ago, on 06/08/2021
Bitcoin at $40,000, But here are a three critical things to look out for

Bitcoin is riding a wave that has taken it just shy of $41,000, defying what was a shaky start to the month and looking set to have a great weekend.

78 days ago, on 06/08/2021
Can bitcoin help Indians hedge against rising inflation?

So far, Indian investors may have flocked to cryptocurrencies in the hope of windfall returns or out of curiosity. But soon, they may be in for some real economic benefits from these bets, especially given the country’s economic environment.

79 days ago, on 05/08/2021
Which Indian Companies Accept Payments In Cryptocurrency?

Crypto trading is at a very nascent stage in the country when compared to some other developed economies.

82 days ago, on 02/08/2021
Bank of America Sees Benefits in Adopting Bitcoin as Legal Tender in El Salvador

Bank of America has outlined some benefits to be had from adopting bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador. The opportunities include low-cost remittances, financial digitization, more choices, and greater investments from foreign companies.

82 days ago, on 02/08/2021
New Crypto Bill in US Congress Is the Most Comprehensive Yet

Where other bills addressed crypto policy questions piecemeal, Rep. Don Beyer’s Digital Asset Market Structure and Investor Protection Act covers several in one fell swoop.

82 days ago, on 02/08/2021
Tether was once the stablecoin king. Now its dominance is threatened by newcomers and legal uncertainty.

Regulators are training their sights on tether, the biggest of the dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies known as stablecoins. But even as tether's legal troubles ratchet up, the stablecoin has already seen market share decline.

84 days ago, on 31/07/2021
Germany to Allow Institutional Funds Invest Up to 20% Holdings in Crypto

Germany has approved new legislation allowing over 4,000 institutional investment funds to invest billions in crypto assets.

85 days ago, on 30/07/2021
Bitcoin Hits Key Test to Make Gains Above $40,000, Chart Shows

Bitcoin is facing yet another stiff technical test as it looks to extend its latest rally. The largest digital currency, which has jumped some 15% this week to briefly top the $40,000 level, is now also pushing up against the top end of the Ichimoku cloud.

85 days ago, on 30/07/2021
Bitcoin Drops After $1.6B Monthly Options Expiry

The "max pain point" for the July expiry was $35,000.

85 days ago, on 30/07/2021
PayPal’s new 'super app', to include messaging, is ready to launch

CEO Dan Schulman revealed the superapp would include high-yield savings, early access to direct deposit funds and messaging functionality outside of peer-to-peer payments.

86 days ago, on 29/07/2021
Ethereum’s London Upgrade Could Boost Its Price Through Burns

Software will reduce Ether circulation with each transaction. Fewer coins could mean higher prices: Multicoin Capital.

86 days ago, on 29/07/2021
A New Bitcoin Mutual Fund Is Making It Easier to Invest in Crypto

ProFunds is offering the product at a time when firms are clamoring to create ways for clients to grab a piece of the once-obscure digital asset.

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