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Bitcoin balance on exchanges at 3-year low spelling bullish sentiments for BTC

While most cryptocurrencies still struggle, some hope may be on the horizon, at least for the flagship digital asset.

Bitcoin Veterans Know to Keep Their Eyes on $19,511 Level

Bitcoin veterans know to be on the lookout for a noteworthy number: $19,511.

13 days ago, on 16/06/2022
Billionaire Mike Novogratz Says Bitcoin Will Lead Next Rally

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz has some advice for crypto investors. In a recent tweet, he said that Bitcoin BTC/USD will lead the next cryptocurrency rally.

32 days ago, on 28/05/2022
FTX's billionaire chief says bitcoin has no future as a payments network

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX's founder has said that bitcoin has no future as a payments network and criticized the digital currency for its inefficiency and high environmental costs, the Financial Times reported on Monday.

44 days ago, on 16/05/2022
Gucci will accept cryptocurrency in stores

Italian fashion house Gucci will allow cryptocurrency payments in some stores in the US. Forms of crypto accepted include Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin.

54 days ago, on 06/05/2022
Bitcoin Price Drops below $37K. BTC Price To Retest $27K Before Bullish Reversal

Bitcoin fell 8% in under 24 hours, dipping below $36,000 before stabilising. The crypto market as a whole dropped 7% within the same time period, with Ethereum losing 7% from yesterday’s price and the rest of the top 10 losing between 5% and 9%.

54 days ago, on 06/05/2022
Central African Republic becomes the second country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender

The Central African Republic (CAR) became the second country in the world after El Salvador to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. It is also the first to accept it as an official currency.

58 days ago, on 02/05/2022
Swiss National Bank opposed to holding bitcoin as a reserve currency

The Swiss National Bank is against buying and holding bitcoin as a reserve currency, Chairman Thomas Jordan said at the central bank's annual general meeting on Friday.

61 days ago, on 29/04/2022
Bitcoin in your 401(k)? Fidelity just introduced it as an option

The investment firm set a limit at 20% for digital assets, though employers can lower that for their plan participants if they want

62 days ago, on 28/04/2022
4 Things That Need to Happen for Bitcoin to Reach $1 Million (By 2030)

Despite being so volatile, history shows us that bitcoin has been the best performing asset of all time. It has outpaced stocks, commodities, and bonds.

64 days ago, on 26/04/2022
Bitcoin repeats rare weekly chart signal that resulted in 50% BTC price dips

Two moving averages warn of a bear market-style price floor in the making, says analysis one month after Bitcoin’s weekly chart "death cross."

64 days ago, on 26/04/2022
Bitcoin is plunging again as central bank interest rate hikes pull investors away

Bitcoin extended this month’s losses in Monday trade as investors shied away from risk assets amid a more hawkish outlook for Federal Reserve policy tightening.

65 days ago, on 25/04/2022
Bitcoin Decoupling | Will Bitcoin Decouple in 2022?

While it may not have always been the case, bitcoin has stuck close to the indexes recently, but could bitcoin decoupling happen?

80 days ago, on 10/04/2022
Mike Novogratz Doubles Down On $500,000 Bitcoin Prediction

Mike Novogratz has once again reiterated his support for the $500,000 future prediction for bitcoin. The Galaxy Digital CEO who was recently at the

82 days ago, on 08/04/2022
Galaxy Digital CEO Forecasts Bitcoin Will Outperform His Previous 2022 Price Predictions

Considering the increased interest from the general investing public and constant industry innovation in the Q4 earnings call of Galaxy Digital, Novogratz expects Bitcoin to surpass his previous 2022 price predictions.

86 days ago, on 04/04/2022
19 Million Bitcoin Have Been Mined

With less than two million bitcoin left to be mined, Bitcoin’s limited supply has just gotten even more limited.

89 days ago, on 01/04/2022
Russia is considering selling its oil and gas for Bitcoin

In a videotaped news conference on Thursday, the chair of Russia's Duma committee on energy said that the national fiat currency of the buyer - as well as Bitcoin - were being considered as alternative ways to pay for Russia's energy exports.

97 days ago, on 24/03/2022
Bitcoin's Short-Term Resistance Discovered at $45K

Fairlead Strategies' Katie Stockton shares a bitcoin weekly chart, suggesting that bitcoin's short-term momentum is positive and intermediate-term momentum has neutralized. Stockton points out bitcoin's resistance has been discovered near $45,000 with a minor breakout targeted around $51,000. Plus, a conversation about crypto trading volumes and ETH’s future value. 

99 days ago, on 22/03/2022
Novogratz on Bitcoin Adoption, CBDCs and Blockchain Tech

Galaxy Digital founder and CEO Michael Novogratz sees growing demand for cryptocurrencies and says there is "zero chance" Russia can use crypto to circumvent sanctions. Novogratz also maintains his $500,000 forecast for Bitcoin five years out.

106 days ago, on 15/03/2022
Proposal Limiting Proof-of-Work Is Rejected in EU Parliament Committee Vote

The provision could have required cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to shift to more environmentally friendly mechanisms.

107 days ago, on 14/03/2022
Bitcoin can provide great alternative for investors to store money, says Galaxy Digital CEO

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss cryptocurrencies, interest rates and more.

114 days ago, on 07/03/2022
Bitcoin loses to gold amid Ukraine crisis. What's next for the cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin dipped below $40,000 level over the weekend and kept weakening as the Ukraine crisis deepened, undermining the argument that cryptocurrencies are a haven in times of geopolitical turmoil

127 days ago, on 22/02/2022
What's Next For Bitcoin Prices After They Reached Their Highest In A Month?

Following bitcoin’s recent price movements, several market observers highlighted key technical levels, as well as other important factors, when emphasizing what traders need to know.

142 days ago, on 07/02/2022
Bitcoin's 'MACD' Indicator Threatens Long Term Bullish Bias as Rate Hike Fears Linger

Several Wall Street banks have penciled in five Fed rate hikes for 2022.

149 days ago, on 31/01/2022
$1 Million Bitcoin Price Bet Proposed by Mike Novogratz

Mike Novogratz has challenged Peter Schiff to a $1 million bet on the price of Bitcoin.

157 days ago, on 23/01/2022
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