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Tether Fails to Calm Jittery Nerves as Short Sellers Circle

Tether's share of supply at Curve's 3pool platform is 65%. Tether CTO says its "portfolio has never been stronger".

93 days ago, on 03/07/2022
Why Stablecoin Interest Rates Are So Damn High

Or, why Jeremy Allaire can't stop printing.

210 days ago, on 08/03/2022
Will Circle And Tether Reign Supreme?

Federal Reserve predicts stablecoin issuer duopoly.

227 days ago, on 19/02/2022
Tether will pay $41 million over 'misleading' claims it was fully backed by US dollars

Tether will pay $41 million to settle allegations by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission that the company made untrue or misleading statements when it claimed its stablecoins were fully backed by fiat currencies.

354 days ago, on 15/10/2021
Biden Administration Seeks to Regulate Stablecoin Issuers as Banks

The Biden administration is considering ways to impose bank-like regulation on the cryptocurrency companies that issue stablecoins, according to people familiar with the matter, including prodding the firms to register as banks.

368 days ago, on 01/10/2021
Stablecoins in Spotlight as U.S. Begins to Lay Ground for Rules on Cryptocurrencies

Sponsors say stablecoins are safe, but regulators are concerned about potential risks to financial stability.

374 days ago, on 25/09/2021
Evergrande and China’s Looming Risk to Tether

Tether says it doesn’t hold short-term debt from the struggling developer. But that doesn’t mean tether holders aren’t at risk.

382 days ago, on 17/09/2021
Stablecoins are assets - not currencies, says ECB president

In a Sept. 1 interview with World Economic Forum founder and executive chair Klaus Schwab, Lagarde said cryptocurrencies "present themselves as currencies," but she still considered them as assets to be regulated and "supervised by asset regulators."

397 days ago, on 02/09/2021
Crypto's Tether Sheds Light, but Not Enough, on Its $63 Billion Reserves

The stablecoin has secured itself a critical place in the crypto ecosystem, but its holdings fall short compared with those of prime money-market funds.

416 days ago, on 14/08/2021
Why the Stablecoin Issuers Will Inherit the Earth

The crypto world on Tuesday saw what might have been the largest hack and loss of funds of all time. As my colleague Olga Kharif reported, $600 million was stolen from a cross-chain protocol called PolyNetwork.

419 days ago, on 11/08/2021
Tether was once the stablecoin king. Now its dominance is threatened by newcomers and legal uncertainty.

Regulators are training their sights on tether, the biggest of the dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies known as stablecoins. But even as tether's legal troubles ratchet up, the stablecoin has already seen market share decline.

430 days ago, on 31/07/2021
ellen to Convene U.S. Regulators to Discuss Stablecoins

Government increasingly concerned about lack of oversight. Group to develop recommendations to address risks in market.

445 days ago, on 16/07/2021
Fed Chair Powell calls for 'appropriate regulatory framework' of stablecoins

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress this week that he would like to see a corner of digital currencies more tightly regulated.

446 days ago, on 15/07/2021
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